The scents in this collection will help you fight negative feelings and spark joy, helping you to find balance and create a sense of comfort at home.

Our blends carry EmotiwavesTM Technology,  using research from the Brain & Behavior Laboratory at the University of Geneva. Developed using data insight and research into the connection between cognitive function and the olfactory system, and designed to support different wellbeing needs

- Egyptian Jasmine + Sandalwood: Jasmine essential oil can produce a feeling of optimism, revitalised energy which paired with the grounding sandalwood creates a perfect balancing scent.

- African Pink Pepper + Peony: Pink Pepper essential oil can be relaxing to the nervous system. Its spicy profile works wonders with florals like peony, creating an restorative aroma. 

- Moroccan Orange + Mimosa: Orange essential oil has a relaxing effect, helps to bring positivity and calm. Combined with the warmth from the mimosa flower creates an irresistible, comforting scent.