In recent years, we've seen a growing focus on creating inviting home environments. With more time spent indoors since 2020, a well-scented home has become even more desirable for 78% of Britons. This trend highlights the increasing awareness of how scents influence our living spaces, with concerns centred on eliminating smoke (38.1%) and pet odours (33.0%).

Introducing Pioneering Fragrance Technology

At Holistic London, we're leading the charge in enhancing home fragrance experiences with our advanced fragrance science. Our innovative approach goes beyond traditional solutions by effectively neutralising unpleasant odours at their source, including stubborn smoke and pet odours. This innovative technology represents a significant step forward in home fragrance, guaranteeing a healthier and more welcoming atmosphere.

Addressing a Growing Demand

The post-COVID era has seen a rise in demand for advanced odour-eliminating solutions, with 60% of people emphasising the importance of scents in managing unpleasant smells. This shift reflects a broader movement towards holistic home wellness, where fragrance-led solutions play a crucial role in enhancing hygiene and promoting overall well-being.

Cutting Edge Technology into Our Scents

By integrating our cutting-edge fragrance science into our products, we offer enhanced claims of freshness and advanced odour removal technology. Our candles and reed diffusers, featuring this exclusive technology, are available in two captivating scents: Moroccan Orange + Mimosa and Egyptian Jasmine + Sandalwood. They provide reassurance during those cherished "homebody" moments, fostering a deeper sense of belonging and tranquillity paired with odour-removal science.

Elevate Your Home Sanctuary with Holistic London

Our commitment to innovation in fragrance science elevates home scenting technology to a new level. Our approach effectively tackles unpleasant odours, including smoke and pet smells, while enhancing overall scent experiences, creating a healthier and more inviting home environment.

Discover the transformative power of Holistic London's Moroccan Orange & Mimosa and Egyptian Jasmine & Sandalwood scents, available in both Candles and Reed Diffusers. 

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