How to Scent your Home this Christmas

How to Scent your Home this Christmas


It’s that time of the year. Fairy lights, pretty decorations, peaceful days, feelings of warmth… Which fragrances can help to boost, elevating the festive spirit at home.

That's why we are sharing these thoughts on how to scent your home this Christmas

Cosy up with a Christmassy spicy and warm scent

The room-filling scent of our African Pink Pepper + Peony soy candle combines the warm, spicy base notes of patchouli and cedarwood with twinkly top notes of orange a pink peppercorn, with soft, heady peony somewhere in the middle. It's cosy and Christmassy, but with an uplifting, dreamy glow.

Layer a fresh scent to evolve the fragrance notes

Our favourite layering scent is our happy scent :) With a blend of Haitian Vetiver + Berries, this candle will ignite good vibes, brightening your home. Vetiver essential oil is an effective anti-anxiety aromatherapy agent which helps relieve stress. Combined with the fresh and fruity notes of berries, lightens your space with positive, happy energy.

Time to reset, before starting over?

Sometimes spicy and fruity scents can be a bit too much and you might feel like opening the windows to reset your space – and start over!

For this, you’ll love our balancing scent Egyptian Jasmine + Sandalwood.

Its blend will help still your mind so you can find balance. Jasmine essential oil can produce a feeling of optimism, revitalised energy which paired with the grounding sandalwood creates a perfect balancing scent.

Go ahead explore and experiment layering scents, our blends work great together and will allow to create the most beautiful festive mood.

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