Four Favourites to Boost Your Mood this Month

Four Favourites to Boost Your Mood this Month

Not feeling your best right now and in need of a little pick-me-up? These uplifting must-haves will certainly do the trick...

1. Neroli + Chamomile Scented Candle

We may be biased but there’s nothing quite like lighting a candle to create a moment of comfort and our Neroli + Chamomile scent is a firm favourite. Not only will the scent of neroli, chamomile and lemongrass fill any space within minutes, each candle harnesses the power of pure essential oils to give your wellbeing a boost and spark feelings of calm – something we could all do with right now.

2. Bergamot + Wild Flowers Home Spray 

There's nothing a quick spritz can't fix. Bergamot essential oil is known for helping to elevate moods and manage stress. Combined with white flowers such as jasmine, this becomes the perfect pick me up scent to bring your space to life and increase energy. 

3. Haitian Vetiver + Berries Reed Diffuser 

If long lasting fragrance is what you're after, our Haitian Vetiver + Berries Reed Diffuser is for you. It delicately releases its fresh and fruity scent to brighten your space and bring positive energy. Blended with vetiver essential oil, known for its effective anti-anxiety properties which helps relieve stress.

4. Lavender + Patchouli Bath Salts

Create your own pre-sleep haven and let the feeling of calm wash over you. Designed to soothe your soul and calm your mind, our Epsom and pink Himalayan bath salts work together to help to remove toxins and impurities from the body, while the blend of pure essential oils helps to soothe senses and de-stress the mind.

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