5 Essential Oils to Help you Sleep

5 Essential Oils to Help you Sleep

It's Sleep Awareness Week (13th March-19th March) and we want to help you be your best slept self!
The connection between sleep and health is very real. It impacts every one of us and prolonged spells of rubbish sleep can mean bad news for our overall health.

At Holistic London, we’re big on establishing a consistent nightly routine (and the powers of aromatherapy), so here are 5 essential oils which deserve a place in your wind-down ritual… 

1. Neroli

Known for its hypnotic and soothing properties, Neroli essential oil is a favourite of ours. It's a wonderful sleep remedy and can help relax your mind, as well as relieve insomnia, anxiety and stress.

2. Chamomile

Chamomile is a well known sleep inducer. You may be used to sipping on a chamomile tea before bed, but have you thought about allowing the soothing scent to waft through your whole space with a Neroli + Chamomile Reed Diffuser or bathing with our Mineral Bath Salts?

3. Lavender

By far one of the most popular essential oils when it comes to bedtimes, lavender is well known for helping you to unwind and feel more relaxed. Some studies have even dubbed it as an excellent natural remedy for helping to treat insomnia and boost sleep quality. You’ll find it packed into our Lavender + Patchouli home spray which, if you’ve not tried, is a bedside staple. Just a few sprtiz’ can help you to drift off.

4. Patchouli  

If it’s stress and burnout keeping you up at night, you may want to add this one to your list as it can help you to relax and reduce your cortisol levels. Give it a go yourself in a long soothing soak in the bath with out Lavender + Patchouli Bath Salts.

5. Jasmine

Also said to help promote better sleep is jasmine. Studies have shown exposure to Jasmine have led to greater sleep quality and reduced sleep movement. It’s also said to help with irritability so great for racing minds and aching bodies. Try our Jasmine + Sandalwood scented candle during or after your evening bath or shower and be sure to inhale the soothing and balancing scent.  

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