Here at Holistic London, we're passionate about creating wonderfully clean and safe products that offer you little moments of wellbeing, all while having a positive impact on the planet and its people.
From the suppliers we choose to buy from and the way we handcraft our products in our London-based studio to the packaging that takes your order to your doorstep, we have carefully considered each and every step to make sure our business is as eco-friendly as possible. 
So, here are the four main ways we’re working to become a climate-positive workforce.  

We Use Sustainable Ingredients

Made in the UK with sustainable ingredients, we use 100% plant-based wax in our candles. We never use paraffin or palm - our blends are completely safe to burn and to breathe.
Until now, we’ve only used essential oils in our scented candles - but as our journey to becoming more responsible has progressed, we learnt this is not the most sustainable option. Instead, mixing nature and science is the best way to preserve and protect the natural, and beautiful ingredients that we know and love. That's why we now offer both options: pure essential oils blends and fragrance oil blends.
This makes of our fragrance range a much more exciting palette in terms of perfumes. And created by the perfumers at Firmenich are not only gorgeous they are more sustainable completely safe to breathe.
We are proudly vegan and cruelty-free.

We Use Recyclable Packaging

We use infinitely recyclable aluminum and glass - those are our biggest components. And, we are replacing all plastic parts as soon as a sustainable option becomes available.

Due to the fragile nature of some of our products, they require secure, supportive packaging. But, we never let this stand in our way of being eco-friendly.  
To eliminate waste as much as possible, we ensure that all of the materials we use to pack our products are biodegradable and/or recyclable. Our carton boxes comply with FSC - Forest Stewardship Council.


Planting Tress with Every Product Sold.

We've recently partnered with Ecologi, a positive climate organisation that funds tree planting and carbon reduction initiatives all over the world. 

Despite all our efforts, like every business, we have a carbon footprint that we are responsible for. By partnering with Ecologi, we are able to offset any emissions produced in the transportation of our products and ingredients with climate positive initiatives.
Five months into our journey to becoming a climate positive workforce, we have already reduced carbon emissions by 18.25 tonnes and planted over 1,500 trees in our Ecologi forests in Scotland, Mozambique and Madagascar - and we’re not slowing down! 
You can track our progress here


B Corp Status

We’re also the proud holders of a Pending B Corporation UK status.

The B Corp Community is dedicated to changing the role of businesses in society. By resetting the relationship of businesses, shareholders, and shifting this focus towards taking the necessary actions required to make impactful change for the climate. 

B Corp is an international movement, made up of businesses all supporting each other towards making direct, positive change for the environment. 

Having B Corp status is the pinnacle within the industry, a seal of dedication for making sustainable, environmentally-focused decisions at every key stage of the business. It’s why we’re so proud to hold it. 

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