Selecting the Perfect Candle Just Got More Exciting

Selecting the Perfect Candle Just Got More Exciting

Isn't it amazing how people can react differently to a certain scent? The sweet gentle aroma of lavender wrapping you in a peaceful air of calmness, the crisp citrusy scent of neroli brightening your spirit. The sense of smell is one of the most potent senses we possess and the hint of the perfect fragrance can submit you to a fabulous dreamlike reality.

However, we all have a different and unique taste, and with that comes the challenge of finding the best fit.

We have developed a scent style tool programmed to determine your unique fragrance style. A fun quiz established on the proven relationship between the visual sense and olfactory preference determines your fragrance style by analyzing your picks from a selection of pictures, hues and textures. In addition to this, you get 15% off your purchase when you use our tool - this is certainly luxury at its peak!

Wondering how it works? It’s pretty easy. We deliver a broad selection of carefully blended scented candles to give you the paradise experience. Here’s a list of some of our finest oils and the aromatherapy benefits they provide:

• Bergamot: Its distinctive uplifting aromatic scent has the ability to relax the mind, improve circulation and drive metabolism.

• Patchouli: An excellent mood enhancer with sedative properties beneficial to calming the nervous system, promoting better rest and stabilizing the etheric mind.

• Grapefruit: Due to its citrus scent, the grapefruit is well known for its antioxidant, energizing and purifying properties.

• Chamomile: The miracle scent is widely recognized for its calming, healing effect and its enhancement of the immune system.

• Sandalwood: The refined, sweet and woody aroma of this scent will leave you reminiscing about a time in the woods.


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