Our 2020 Resolutions

Our 2020 Resolutions

The new year is already here. And we intend to keep working hard to get more homes to smell beautifully. Free from nasty ingredients and packed with organic essential oils.

  1. Keep the Clean.

Clean means that we only develop non-toxic products that are made without ingredients linked to harmful health effects. Clean has always been at the centre of our brand, and will continue to be - for 2020 we’ll continue to expand our clean range of products.

  1. Go (even) more Sustainable.

We take very seriously our packaging choices. We have already ditched boxes and replaced them for organic cotton bags you can re-use. We have recently introduced concrete containers to re-purpose once the candle is worn out. But we know we can go further, and we intend to do so!

  1. Inspire more Wellbeing evenings

We’ll keep on fighting Stress and Anxiety. We want our essential oils’ blends to become part of your relaxing routine in the evenings. Help you relax, and sleep better as a consequence. Have a nicer next day and therefore, live a happier life. Ok, that might be a stretch :) But we are determined to keep on hammering about the importance of taking each day a moment for yourself.

We’d love to get inspired by you resolutions too or get comments to ours :) Looking forward to your thoughts below.

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