Autumn in the times of Covid

Autumn in the times of Covid

After a very unusual summer, we are now entering what usually is a beautiful season. But we wonder how Covid-19 and its rules and restrictions might affect it.

According to a survey we run with Opinion Stage, 1 in 3 people in the UK choose fall as their favourite season of the year and we can’t help but wondering why is it that people love autumn so much?

We came up with a list of our own reasons to love it:

  • Walking though piles of fallen leaves 🍂
  • Hot drinks and pumpkin lattes ☕️
  • Soothing orange and brown shades everywhere 🧡
  • Bonfires and mulled wine 🔥
  • Trees looking like rainbows 🍁
  • Pumping carving with the kids 🎃
  • Burrow under blankets to watch halloween horror movies 👻
  • Planning for the Holiday Season, to meet with family and friends ✨

There’s so much joy for everyone in autumn. However, some of those reasons, might no be there this time. So, what to do to bring some comfort? Well, it’s all about making the best of the situation and finding good alternatives, right?

Going to the shops is a pickle with all the safety guidelines, then swap for the outdoors! Enjoying the beautiful autumns settings and recharging in nature seems a good back up plan. Missing dinner parties with friends and long conversations over a glass of wine? Switch to movie nights with the kids. A re-run of Harry Potter (and keeping the glass of wine!) sounds like a good option.

This will be an unusual autumn. That’s a fact. But there’s nothing we can do, except trying to make the best out of the times we live in. It can still be a fabulous one.

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Happy Autumn everyone!


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