3 Ways You'll Benefit from Burning Candles

3 Ways You'll Benefit from Burning Candles

Candles today are a symbol of celebration, relaxation, romance and home decor styling, however little is know about candles origin. It’s often said that they were first created by the Egyptians, and have been used as a source of light and in celebrations for over 5,000 years across the world.

Over time, candles evolved from a basic light providing element, to an item people would use for many different purposes. Especially after the invention of electricity and the introduction of the bulb in late XIX Century, many new uses and benefits were found and still are, in these little jars.

Read below our top three picks:

Improved Wellbeing.

The simple act of lighting a candle takes you to a state of self-care and relaxation, and just watching the soft flickering light is a soothing experience. Candles provide the perfect ambience to induce calm and the essential oils they carry can help with anxiety, as well as lots of other health benefits, coming from its aromatherapy benefits.

You can test this yourself next time you need to take stress a few notches down: light a candle, watch the flame and just breathe for a few minutes - even just 60 seconds can make a big difference.

A watch out. Some candles will provide the opposite and be harmful to your health: those using paraffin wax. It’s important to buy only good quality candles using wax of natural origin, such as soy or coconut, to avoid internal pollution.

Create a Stylish, Cosy Home

Candles look amazing, everywhere. They are the perfect finishing touch to any room, they are super versatile and come in all shapes and forms. But unlike other elements like books or objects, candles add softness and a sense of cosiness. Whether it’s in a bathroom, in the hallway, or as the centerpiece of your dining room table, the hygge feel is assured regardless of your specific home decoration style. 

A Tool for Self Expression

Everyone has a particular fragrance preference and everybody smells scents differently. The fragrance in a candle plays a big role, and it’s a very personal choice. It’s actually not very different from choosing a perfume, whether you like a bold oriental scent to match your strong, edgy sense of style, or you prefer a relaxing earthy scent that supports meditation, it’s all about own choices. No rules, no right, no wrong.


We have created a tool that recommends the scent that will better match your personal preferences. Click here to find out more.

For all the above reasons, they are also a perfect, thoughtful gift for anyone else :)

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